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Yacht interior of the week #4 - Ann G

I try to show some modern, high-tech interiors in the future, but it's not easy for me personally, I'm a huge fan of the antique, oldish, and overall "not-so-today's" styles. I like the warm colours, cozy set-ups, the leather and the wood over the glass and metal.

I'm in love with the interior off Ann G. It feels like a luxurious home, which welcomes you every time you enter it, but not in the way like your grandfathers old home... That's warm and cozy too, but... you get the point :)

Amazing interior job by Pascale Reymond and Andrew Langton, style and luxury, perfect combination. Art deco feeling, contrast of the colours, usage of the highest quality materials.

Here are some pictures from the website:




Hope you like it as much we do! :)

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